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When it comes to promoting and marketing your website, nothing is as important as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), as it is the one marketing tool that increases a site’s relevance. Not only does SEO take into account how search engines work, but it also considers how people search and what they are searching for. Through a series of techniques used to improve the ranking of your website, Chakery SEO lists your web site in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN and we use methods that are compliant with all search engines. That way you are never removed from indexing because of a non-compliant search engine glitch. Even more important, with Chakery SEO, we fix any problems that might keep a search engine from spidering or indexing your website. Whether your site appears in any part of Texas, including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Grand Prairie or Fort Worth, or if it’s based in Atlanta, California, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago or any other major city in the United States, our SEO strategies will position your web site high in all search engines and get you noticed quickly. The following are two examples of optimized websites and the results of higher ranking in search engines.
A Brief Overview of Search Engine Optimization   The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  An Overview of SEO Techniques
As many companies struggle to get a high ranking on search engines, our SEO expertise has proven to greatly improve the volume and quality of traffic to an array of company web sites. Because a search engine reviews sites based on text content, we start by incorporating keywords and phrases that describe a web site to search engines. Given the fact, that content is the most important part of search engine optimization, to ensure that a site ranks high and that visitors find the site, we use a proprietary blend of genuine search engine submission and sponsored links - all of which are included in our flat rate monthly fee with no per-click charges. As a qualified SEO service, we not only get companies listed faster, but we guarantee that our service is the most comprehensive compared to other Search Engine Optimization companies.   Studies clearly indicate that more than 85% of Internet users search for products, services and information by exploring search engines and unless a web site appears prominently on major search engines, potential customers will not find your web site. In brief, Search Engine Optimization is crucial to a web site’s success. Whether you are using Search Engine Optimization in Grand Prairie, Texas, Search Engine Optimization in Dallas, Search Engine Optimization in Houston, Search Engine Optimization in Austin, Search Engine Optimization in San Antonio or Search Engine Optimization in Arlington, Rhode Island, Washington, Seattle, Baltimore, Memphis or Honolulu, getting higher ranking should be your ultimate goal. To ensure that you are found on the web, Chakery SEO employs both basic and advanced techniques that work for every client.   Since all web sites have different goals, the search engine optimization objective for each company is going to be unique. Chakery SEO takes into account that some sites are eager to boost traffic, while others are more focused on sharing news or turning a site into an advertising revenue model. Depending on your Search Engine Optimization needs, we make sure nothing hinders your marketing strategy but instead makes it more effective. So, whether your SEO targets Texas, SEO Dallas, SEO Houston, SEO San Antonio or SEO Forth Worth, search engine optimization should generate better quality sales leads and opportunities for purchase. We at Chakery SEO help all of our clients who are in competitive markets by implementing SEO techniques that dramatically increase a site’s visibility.